An ancient ligurian village built on the rocks with narrow streets.

Some historians think that Manarola has roman origin,but it is posible that the village was founded in XII century from a little part of Volastra.

It has more ancient origin tahn Riomaggiore:perhaps,the name is derwed from Manium Arula a little temple of Manes

How you can arrive here

By train: linea Genova- La Spezia, railway line Riomaggiore- Manarola (Tel 0187 920176), Vernazza- Corniglia (Tel 0187812290) e Monterosso (Tel 0187817458)

By boat: Monterosso -Vernazza- Manarola- Riomaggiore

By car:by road from La Spezia-Riomaggiore 

Where you can park

There is a parking zone at the top of the village

What you can see

The church is devoted to the nativity of holy virgin,but many inhabitants called it St. Lawrence.It was built from 1338 to 1375,like two memorial tablets is a triptich of XIV century with St. Lawrence between Antony and Bernardino.In the square there is an oratory of Disciplianti della Santissima Annunziata or Azzurri 

Principal Feasts

Saint local feast is St. Lawrence (10 agosto) with sea's blessing

Holy Crib

During Christmas time Mr. Mario Andreoli makes a very attractive crib,with tall figures built with light and recycling material.It was great renown

In April-There is a painting's National Competition "Love's Path". Many artists work in the street of the village

Info: Associazione Amici Via dell’Amore - Riomaggiore tel. 0187/920143.



Manarola(10) -Corniglia(90).Lenght:: 3 km.Time:1h.Departure: dalla zona del cimitero

Manarola(70)- Marvede(667) .Lenght:: 3,5 km Time:2h.Departure: parte alta del paese.(Cantine Sociali delle Cinque Terre)

Manarola(10)-Riomaggiore(20) Via dell'Amore Lenght:: 1 km.Time:20 min.Departure: trail Manarola


Traduzione: Dott. Anna Stattuti